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"I bought your book 2 months ago and I have to say that you are an absolute genius. No matter what happens with my marriage from now on, I feel a whole lot happier. However our marriage is going great now and so long as we (me especially) don't drift back into old ways, I can definitely see our marriage lasting a lifetime now!"
-- Simon McMillan, Vancouver, Canada


"I am a full time mom and I've really found it difficult taking care of the kids and having a happy marriage at the same time. Since reading your book, both me and my husband have noticed dramatic changes in each other and our marriage and family is growing stronger and stronger every day!... Thanks Amy!"
-- Paula Rush, Melbourne, Australia


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-- Jessica Preston, Cambridge, Canada


"...I have now read this book twice. The more I read it the more I seem to get from it. I feel so confident! This is powerful stuff. Thank you so much"--Jon McKenna, Scotland, UK


"This book is a godsend. I was feeling so low after being made redundant from my job after 17 years. My self-esteem has been totally restored. I'm a new person. Thank you for making this wonderful book available".--Brian Frost, Birmingham, UK


"Richard, after reading this marvellous book, The Millionaire Mentality, I am ready for anything. I always wanted to run my own business but didn't have the courage to take that first vital step. I now realise how foolish I have been. Still, it's never too late, as they say"--Gloria Cardella, Illinois, US


"...only when I read it for a second time did it all begin to make sense. It's now beginning to sink in and I'm itching to get out there and make use of what I've learned. thank you for sharing this revelation with me".--Faran Kumann, Bangalore, India


"Thought- provoking, imaginative and down right brilliance. I never realised J.P.Getty was such a genius! I can't put this book down. I have read it over and over and each time I feel more confident than ever. My friends have noticed a difference in me. No longer am I the shy one of the bunch. Richard, I can't thank you enough".--Claire Hendzel, Christchurch, New Zealand


"Even when I bought your book, I was still skeptical. After I read it, I was totally converted. It's no wonder people become millionaires when they adopt such a positive attitude to work and relationships"-- Jack Selwar, New York, US


"Richard, Your book has opened my eyes. I always thought a person had to work long and hard all their life then look forward to a happy retirement. No one ever told me there was a much easier way. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to know that life can be so rich, by just changing my way of thinking"-- Christian Balman, Chatham Surrey, UK


"...right on cue! I have just started out in business and this book has saved my day. As a result, I've completely re-written my business plan and I know I'll soon be joining the rich and famous. Thanks"-- Mohammad Yonani, Wandsworth, London, UK


"It's just amazing how anyone can amass a $4billion fortune. Making a few million should be child's play. Your book holds the key to real success and I would highly recommend it to anyone"-- Miriam Litova, Waterville, Maine, US


"...I feel like I've been living on a different planet for the past 32 years. Your book is a revelation"-- William Tozer, Wolverhampton, UK


"Since reading The Millionaire Mentality, It's occurred to me that through simply developing this mindset, you can apply it to every aspect of your life. My attitude to everything and everyone has changed for the better. I'm a new person and I feel better for it. Thank you"-- Carmen Stewart, Northern Ireland, UK


" This book has given me new renewed hope. I always knew there was another way. I'm re-evaluating my life and my goals"--Dennis Foulkes, Chepstow, Wales, UK


"...but let me tell you something else Richard, I am now the proprietor of a small manufacturing company. Your book gave me the push I needed to get going. And now there's no going back. If I ever have any doubts, I just read The Millionaire Mentality and I'm reminded that I can do just about anything I put my mind to. This is the most exciting time of my life. Thanks again"-- Ray Newman, Norfolk, UK


" Never ever in a million years would I have believed that someone could turn their life around by simply reading a book. Everyone should read The Millionaire Mentality. They should make it available in schools and libraries. This book is an international treasure"--Leigh Cannock, Perth, Australia


"...I now firmly believe that I will make a $million. I'll go so far to say I'll do it within the next 6 months. This book has taught me the power of positive thinking and it works. All negative thoughts have been banished from my mind. I'm ready to get what I've always known I could. Happiness, wealth and above all financial freedom"--Robert Courtney, Manchester, UK


" For once I have bought a book that was worth every penny. My wife says I am a new man, but it's all down to my changed attitude to life, work and relationships. I firmly believe that anyone can achieve anything they want by changing their attitude. Successful people deserve their success. They have learnt and they have grown. Sadly most people will never improve their lives. But it won't stop them complaining about everything instead of trying to change things. I feel like I've just received my wake-up call and I'm not going to ignore it. Thank you for this book. It's a real gem"--Kath O'Brien, Cavan, Eire



On 6th June 1976, J. Paul Getty died the Richest Man in the World. In his memoirs -

JP Getty Said...

"Luck, knowledge and arduous work - especially arduous work - are all necessary for a man to become a millionaire. But above all that, he needs what can be called the 'MILLIONAIRE MENTALITY': that essential state of mind and conscience which mobilizes the intelligence and all the talents of an individual to accomplish his tasks and realize the goals he has set for himself in business."

J. Paul Getty was a millionaire
by the time he reached 24


JP Getty was declared the richest man in the world by Fortune magazine in 1957.  He was one of the first people in the world EVER with a fortune of over $1 billion.

When JP died in 1976,
he left an estate valued
at nearly $4 billion.

JP Getty was also the first person to identify the MILLIONAIRE MENTALITY as a way of thinking that tied all the super rich together.

The legacy of the ultra-rich oilman lives on with the world famous J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu - together with his timeless wealth creating philosophy.

Revealed - The #1 Secret That Propels Ordinary People To Millionaire Status

So You Want To Be A Millionaire?

But Do You Have The Millionaire Mentality?

Without it, there's not much hope of ever achieving the riches and freedom you desire and truly deserve



Dear Friend,

How does a man, who having been twice fired from his job, go on to develop a system, which earns him more than $160,000 in a matter of months? ...Here's how...

That man is me! Here, you'll discover how, in a matter of a few short years, I managed to completely turn my life around.

At first, being fired from my job made me feel empty, I felt sick to the pits of my stomach. I was almost overcome with the sheer frustration, of what I considered at the time, to be a real injustice. Then thankfully, once I had calmed down and collected my thoughts, I laughed out loud. I soon realised this was really a blessing. I hated the job anyway, so in reality, they had done me a favor.

When I got fired for a second time, I knew that something in my life had to drastically change. Here I was with no job and painfully aware that money was running out fast. At the time, my future looked bleak. What was I going to do now? It was at this low point I made my first life-changing decision. I decided, come what may, I wasn't ever going to work for anyone else again. I had made up my mind. It was time to make it on my own.

I soon found that setting up in business was one thing, but the prospects of making a fortune was fast becoming an illusion. It seemed that no matter how hard I worked or how many hours I put in, I just couldn't make the kind of money I needed to be truly rich. Yet, all around me, other people were making vast amounts of cash for doing considerably less.

I knew deep in my heart, that if they could do it, so could I. But why was I finding it so damn difficult? What was I doing wrong? What was their secret? I desperately wanted to find out. It was then I realised, that if you really and truly want something enough, you'll make it your mission to get it. And I did.

In 1957, J. Paul Getty was acknowledged as the Richest Man in the world. He spoke of an essential mindset, which is consistent with all self-made millionaires. What was he talking about? I knew I had to learn more. I needed to find out all I could about this man and his methods.

During my quest for knowledge and enlightenment, I read through some of the best-known self-help books around. These are classics and if you haven't already, I recommend you read them.  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattle and As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.


A Truly Classic Book - Rediscovered


But, best of all, I uncovered a little-known book, which is at the very least equal to, and at best, far more significant and enlightening than any of the classics. Its title is taken directly from the comments of JP Getty himself - "The Millionaire Mentality - How You can Achieve it".  


"The Millionaire Mentality -
How You Can Achieve It"


What I read in this book just blew me away! At first I didn't believe it. How could something so simple be responsible for so much success? I thought I should at least try putting what I had learned into practice. It wasn't going to cost me anything and I certainly had nothing to lose. I decided from now on, each and every day I would work to adopt this positive way of thinking. I would develop a mindset, a millionaire mentality.

That was 2 years ago. Today, I'm not the same person I was then. I've learned a lot of things in a very short time, but most importantly, I've learned that millionaires are no different from anyone else. They just think differently. And now, so do I. I'm on my way to making my first million, and for the first time in my life, I'm happy, I'm excited and I'm really looking forward to the future.

Below is proof of my business earnings in just 2 days. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.

I regularly make this kind of money, from a simple business I started from scratch. It's exactly the kind of business you too could easily set up. Two years ago I would never have believed it possible. Today, Its a reality and I made it all happen because I believed I could. And you can too.

I'm not a greedy person. I know I'll make as much money as I want, that's virtually guaranteed. But right now, I'd like to share this knowledge with you, because 2 years ago, I was where you might be now, and I know only too well the disappointments and frustrations you may have experienced.

Because I was so impressed with The Millionaire Mentality - How You Can Achieve it, I set about tracking down the author. Boy! Was I delighted to find that he was still alive and living in the UK. After a lot of haggling, I managed to secure the rights to convert this fabulous book into an ebook and audio book. Why?

Because I think everyone deserves a chance to read it. I'd like you to feel the inspiration that I felt and still do. I want you to feel motivated, like I am and to take firm action to significantly improve your lifestyle, just like I have. I think everyone should be given an opportunity to learn how they can work towards millionaire status. I'm doing it, and I know you can too.



"I must admit Richard, I was completely sceptical about the The Millionaire Mentality - How You Can Achieve It. I didn't believe that a simple process could be so effective. Well, was I wrong. Everything you said has turned out to be absolutely true. I'm converted. I feel like a totally new person. Friends say I ooze confidence and act as though I've won the lottery.

I've just started my own import/export business and already I'm making more money than I ever could in my last job. If I hadn't of believed it, I would never have achieved it, is my new motto. I know I'm on track to make a million. I can sense it. I really believe it. Thanks Richard".

Peter Bird, Ealing, London, UK


Will You Become A Millionaire Entrepreneur?


Why not? Anyone can. You don't need any special skills. And it doesn't matter whether you're male or female, old or young, anyone can do it. If you think you can't, you're just giving yourself an excuse to not even try. And that's exactly the type of mentality that will keep you firmly rooted in the place you are right now.

Remember, it's a mindset. You think rich and believe rich. You must want it so badly it hurts. You must develop a burning passion to be rich. Be positive, go and get it! Whatever you want. A beautiful home, a top of the range car, vacations to wherever you want and whenever you want. Freedom to live the life you choose.

What does it take? Belief, persistence, ambition and the will to win. Don't worry, getting these character traits won't cost you anything other than a little time. But, they will bring huge amounts of success. Don't ever fear success, embrace it. If you really want it, it will happen, because you'll simply make it happen. I did!

With a millionaire mentality, you can achieve anything. It's what all successful entrepreneurs have. You don't have to search anymore for the big secret. This is it. Get your mind right and everything else just falls into place. You have it in yourself, right now to become a millionaire entrepreneur.



"Richard, I had to write and thank you for introducing me to The Millionaire Mentality - How You Can Achieve It. After reading through the book, I felt I'd been given a new lease of life. My whole thought process has changed dramatically. It seems everywhere I look I see opportunities. I have developed a real positive attitude to life and I've already made a firm commitment to start out on my own.

I only wish I had done it sooner".

Ron Marbech, Florida, US


Where will you be in 2 years from now? Still working in the same job? Working for the same boss? Look at his lifestyle. It's all thanks to your hard work that he has a nice house and car. Where in the world is he going for his vacation? How much does he have in his bank account? For how much longer will you ignore the opportunity to be your own person? At least be fair to yourself and give yourself a fighting chance. With The Millionaire Mentality -
How You Can Achieve It, you can and will.



"There's a lot of room at the top. This symbolic Millionaire's Club has an unlimited number of vacant seats to fill on its membership roster. I'm afraid that if these seats are not filled more quickly, it is because young potential candidates, who are very qualified, give up the fight before it really begins".....John Paul Getty


"Here's What You'll Discover
in this Classic Book
Based On The Philosophy
of JP Getty"


  • The wonderful world of the rich

  • Think rich - be rich

  • What is the millionaire mentality

  • Your future wealth is in your own hands

  • Everything is possible through self belief

  • What do you really want to achieve with your life?

  • The secret of acquiring great wealth

  • Why millionaires are no different from you

And it doesn't stop there - this amazing book is packed with life changing ideas and vital information on...

  • Fear of failure

  • The start point for millionaire status

  • Doing your own thing - how to become an entrepreneur

  • Goal setting and better use of your time

  • Originality

  • Knowing yourself - what makes you tick

  • Never settle for second best

  • Forget the past - its the future that really matters

  • Comebackability - turning failure into financial success

  • Youd better believe it - your financial capability is unlimited

  • The millionaire lifestyle - how to enjoy your wealth

  • The millionaire mentality - essential tips to help you succeed

I've made it so easy for you to get your hands on The Millionaire Mentality - How You Can Achieve it. Just choose either the ebook version ($27) or the MP3 version ($47) and download instantly. Plus, for a very limited time, I'm giving away...

2 FREE Valuable eBooks

I'll give you two days transcripts of Millionaire MBA - The ultimate home study course for entrepreneurs. In these two bonus ebooks - you'll discover first hand from 25 real-life entrepreneurs, what it takes to build your own highly profitable company.

I know you may still be sceptical, after all, I was at first. So I'm also going to give you a...

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I want you to be totally satisfied with your investment, so I'm giving you a full 30 days, no quibble money back guarantee. Plus, you still get to keep the two free bonus eBooks. I'm confident you'll want to read or listen to your books time and again - because each time you do, you'll learn a little more.


"Like it or not, there is a thing that can be called MILLIONAIRE MENTALITY. There is a frame of mind which puts an individual a long way ahead on the road to success."

"There is only one way to make a great deal of money - and that is in a business of your own."

.....Jean Paul Getty


 Don't waste anymore of your precious life. Get the lifestyle you really want and deserve. Get the freedom that only money can bring. Get your copy of The Millionaire Mentality -
How You Can Achieve It, and start out on the journey, which will change your life, forever.





To your ultimate success



PS: Millionaire Mentality - How You Can Achieve It -  is available in downloadable eBook or MP3 audio book. (link)

 *** Please note - The Millionaire Mentality - How You Can Achieve is NOT written by JP Getty - but has been inspired by his observations on wealth creation ***


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